Closed Beta Most Likely to be in the spring of 2014!

Hey There Foxes!

Foxotic Land will be available for you to safely play in most likely before the end of spring. We’re preparing for closed beta to include features that you have never seen before.

One awesome feature that Foxotic will have is Experience Level. When roaming around and traveling in Foxotic Land, you will be able to collect badges that give you an individual level that will add up to be your overall Experience Level. The more badges and badge levels you get, the higher your Experience Level will be!

Here’s an exclusive badge that we will be giving away to all foxes that  claim a beta pass and contribute towards our new game development:

Foxotic Closed Beta Badge

That’s all for now foxes! Until next time,

– The Foxotic Team


Foxotic Forum Badges!


Foxotic Winter Furniture Sneak Peek!


Professor Z


Spooky October Fun! (Gone)

Hello Foxes!

We didn’t forget about Halloween! We got a lot of emails asking if we’d have a party to celebrate the fall holidays and we answered! We’ve spent a good amount of time decorating the land with the Foxotic Land resident’s permission.

Halloween Foxotic 2013

The party will last from October 30th to November 10th! On Halloween (10/31/13) day at 10:00PM EST (6:00PM Foxotic Land time), I will be hosting a Halloween celebration that will start in the Town! Everyone needs to attend, take pictures and post them on your blogs! It’s going to be way bigger than the closed beta water balloon celebration! In other news, to new foxes that are having problems registering, you must register with a lowercase username. We will be fixing this soon. If you support Foxotic and want us to just keep improving/get better, please contribute in our new fundraiser for game development. Bring all of your Foxtastic buddies to the celebration, I can’t wait to meet all of you awesome foxes!

Until next time,


Foxotic Land Development!

Hello foxes!

If you didn’t already know, we recently launched a new Indiegogo campaign to get the support that is needed to continue and maintain Foxotic Land development. This includes the addition of new games, features, clothing, dens, items, and much more Foxtastic fun.

(First ever castle sketch)

A lot of you foxes have been asking how we go about development. To make things simple, we begin with an idea, usually make some sketches, then convert it to the final piece. When it’s finalized, we begin the programming aspect. Everything that we do takes time and costs a lot of money. By contributing in our new campaign, we will be able to pick up development, start to make weekly updates, and make Foxotic Land even better than it already is. Everyone that contributes has the option to get exclusive rewards AND gets the awesome feeling of knowing you helped make Foxotic Land possible!

The best,



Foxotic Indiegogo Donors!

Hey There Foxes!

The Foxotic Team recently started up a brand new Foxotic Indiegogo Campaign, and already they have received Over $100 (or over £50 if you’re from the UK like me)! I think this is an amazing achievement for all the Foxotic Staff, don’t you? 

foxotic donors

So FAR, 2 foxes have donated! One of them is fellow FN Author, Kevin (Escargot) who donated $75 (£46) and FantageWind who donated $35 (£21)! These Foxes should be very proud of themselves, and their names will go down in Foxotic History for helping the development!

foxotic donors!

Don’t forget that if you donate, you can receive all kinds of exclusive prizes and perks! Plus, if Foxotic reach $1000 (£617) there will be an exclusive Halloween Party for us foxes to explore! – Spooky!

Click the image below to donate to Foxotic!


See you in Foxotic Land!

– Jack

Halloween Party Update

Hello Foxes,

Ben recently announced that a Halloween Party will happen if $1000 is raised in the new fundraising campaign by October 20th, 2013.

“If we reach $1000 in our new campaign by 10/20/13, I will make sure that a Halloween party happens. Currently, we’re having problems continuing our development as Foxotic is expensive to maintain.”

When a user responded saying they really hope this goal is reached, Ben replied:

“I have made this a global announcement so more foxes can be aware of this! A Halloween party would be Foxtastic and I know a lot of foxes would like one!”


With only five days to reach this goal it will be a struggle to pull off. However, if we start spreading the word in any possible way I truly believe the Foxotic community can pull this off.

Until next time,

Kevin (Escargot)

Anything You Might Have Missed!

Hello Foxes,

It has been a rough month for Foxotic News, with me, and other authors quitting, and Foxotic News becoming in-active because of that reason. Well I have been coming and going, but I promise all of you that I will be staying this time for good, I’m not going to let a couple of haters get to me. I’m glad to be back, I will return as Owner, as well Megan will be my Co-Owner now, we both have lots of plans for this site, to come back to it’s original status.

Well with all the drama we have had on Foxotic News this month, we have missed a lot of Foxotic news and updates. I will posting all the information, and updates that we have missed and forgot to post on here, so some of this might be all new to you, some you might know about, or you might know all of these updates. Let’s start with these cool Foxotic Den designs,




What do you Foxes think of these creative and fun looking dens for our Foxes? I Personally love them all, I can’t wait until we can purchase them. Which one would you buy?

The next update is about Foxotic opening up a Store on their Website, where we can buy Hoodies, Pants, Shirts, etc. Check out these pictures,



Once I have enough money, I might buy a couple, one for myself, and maybe a couple to have contests/giveaways for them on Foxotic News. Maybe Foxotic could donate some to us, to do that. We will try and see what we can do. Are you planning on buying any of these?

The Foxotic Team released a Sneak Peek of some items that will be in the Halloween clothing catalog, check it out,


I love the Pharaoh Costume, and the cool looking Snake Staff! I’m for sure getting those items for my Fox, will you also be too? We don’t have any information on when the Halloween Catalog will be released on Foxotic yet, but we hope soon.

And the last big update is that Foxotic opened up another Fundraiser to raise some more money for Foxotic Development, here are the perks that you can get if you donate.

$5+ Receive a contributor badge for supporting us!

$15+ Get an exclusive black, white, or grey fur dye for your fox!

$25+ Get your name/username engraved in our supporter stone! Will be featured in-game forever!

$45+ Furniture or clothing item?! You name it! We’ll design it!

$50+ Get an EXCLUSIVE deal on Foxotic Gold!

$65+ Receive a limited edition Foxotic hoody!

$75+ What’s your personality like? We’ll design an exclusive in-game badge for your support!

$100+ Got an awesome mini-game concept for Foxotic Land? Support us and we’ll make it!

$350+ Receive all perks mentioned AND a limited edition poster signed by the creator of Foxotic!

What do you think of these cool perks? Will you be helping donate to Foxotic? if Foxotic reaches $2,500 in donations,  Foxotic will be free-to-play with absolutely no monthly paid membership. There will still be a GOLD currency for users to purchase and get even more exclusives. This in-game currency will allow them to continue to maintain the game’s development. We hope you can donate and help Foxotic.

Thanks for reading,



Hi There Foxes! 

Today at 8 pm EST marked the time for a very important event in Foxotic history – the release of Foxotic Forums! 

Starting now you can register on the Foxotic Forums Page to post, comment, and make suggestions on Foxotic related topics! I have been looking forward to this for a while now, and I know you all have as well! Be sure to leave a comment below telling us what you all think. 

Below is a preview of what the forums look like. To see the whole page click here.

forumsCurrently the Foxotic staff has added a very cool Halloween theme. I can’t wait to see what they do next! Be sure to stay tuned. 

Much Love!